Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Got Powerpoint? Come on, grow up. They're BORING. Really, way overused. Thanks to an old friend I've turned a powerpoint into something...different. By clicking the link you promise to donate your organs to invading aliens, but past that is a new presentation tool.
Truth be told though, we won't actually cover atomic theory for a while. And I'm not done with it. And you don't get to hear the funny telling as we click our way through the presentation. What funny story? Um...How about Ernest Rutherford? Click through to him--the first picture when he's a little younger. CRAZY EYES!! Alright, you probably need to be here for it to be really funny.

Anyway, here's the link. try it out. Please. Mostly to let me know if it's cool. And I've included it below, eventhough it lacks the full screen coolness. But, I think it's great that you can see it here--embedded in the fabulousness that is raineworld. :)

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