Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Come Around

Ah, those fleeting moments all seem lost now and then. They slip from our grasp and we watch helplessly as they fall and crash into myriads of pieces. I struggle to recall the details of those memories. Putting pieces back together rarely results in a whole.

Nonetheless we soldier on. Stiff upper lip. I present you with a C-111 circa 1969. It set all kinds of records back then that would still give everything now a run for their money. Really, look it up.

What else today you ask? Is that all you got? you mumble under your breath. Hmmm, he whispers. Hand to chin to stroke my fu manchu. well, how about this?
That's right Philo Farnsworth. The one. The only. Who is he? you ask. Well, I answer, only the guy that invented the television. Boo-yaaa. Find him here, and here, and here (at the least). Why present you with Philo? Did his friends call him Philo? Or Phil? Well, regardless, I present you with Phil (I decided) because today's anniversary--September 7th, 1927--he transmitted the first images using his all-electronic television system.

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