Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Good afternoon everyone.

The school year's end approaches quickly. :)

One last extra credit assignment...ready?

You'll need to find one job or career that requires chemistry. An official job--not like working at Dairy Queen. You'll email me the job/career and it's description. Be sure to include the place...like Dow, the pay, and any other details you'll find--especially, but not limited to, your source.

This is worth up to 20 points. Oh, if you your job is posted first...no one will get credit for duplicating it.

Hoping for more than 20 points? Hmmm. Part Two then. Find one cool element [and, aren't they all cool?!] and tell me about it. Yep. Email me the details. I'll post it. Up to an additional 20 points. Actually, pick one or both of these offers for extra credit points.

The more detailed your explanation/assignment the more of the points I can reward you. This offer expires Friday at the witching hour.

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