Thursday, May 26, 2011

That that is is

One last hurrah. One final moment in the sun. And one last push to the bitter end.

One extra credit assignment.


One topic of your choosing related to chemistry. Find it. One that you liked; or one we didn't have time to present--like moles, gases, the nucleus, pH, dimensional analysis. Tell me why you liked it. Tell me about the subject from YOUR perspective. Tell me the details of the subject with references. So, tell me the who, the what, the why, the hows. How long? Hmmm. One cover page with your name and class and date and subject discussed. Two pages of information. And one page of references. so, that makes four. Double spaced. 12 point. Inch margins. Use MLA format.You'll need to email it to me as an attachment.

One last of things that I shouldn't have to say...but somehow feel compelled to...DO NOT CUT & PASTE. Just sayin. 

It's due Friday June 3rd. By the end of the witching hour. It's worth up to 40 points.

Good luck & have fun.


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