Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little video, eh?

Okay, so the new extra credit assignment has a due date of March 24th--midnight (cause it sounds cool). Four to a group [unless you an explain why you need more & they can be from one of the million students I have in any class]. I think we're looking at 30 points maximum. And that score depends on quality of the information presented (accuracy and thoroughness). It does need to be on chemical bonding (all three or even just one). Creatively speaking I'm not sure I care--I mean, I think it's okay to be straightforward & it's okay to be super silly if that floats your boat. 

I'm excited to see what we get. And yes, I'll post it on my blog if that's okay with you--your choice.

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  1. i just fed the fish for a good ten minutes straight....