Thursday, March 3, 2011

I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice.


I love quotes. All kinds. Plato. Frost. Hemingway. Truman. Captain Sparrow. the Borg. Even Einstein. The title to this post is a quote from him--Einstein. He wrote it actually--trying to describe that although quantum physics (how electrons, protons, and atoms work at their most basic level) was certainly hard to understand, God didn't leave it to chance, and that there must be some order to it all.

"Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it." There's another. I love it. And the author of it is a hint actually. Because this extra credit on the test (worth up to 20 points) is to find the reply to Einstein's quote [the one in the title], who said it, and what you think it means.Write it as the answer to the hidden question 11.

Ah. One more thing. The copiers in the school are...down. So, at this moment I can't print a test, so I can't give the test. The solution? Well, we'll have the test the very moment I can get it copied. So, if not on Monday, then count on Wednesday. What will we do instead? You'll get notes on chemical bonding. Remember we have visitors in the building on Monday, so, you'll want to be on your best behavior.

Also, DO NOT discuss this blog or extra credit with any of your classmates. If they don't look it up on their own, it's kind of their own fault.

There ya go.

Good luck. Hope you all have a great three day weekend.


  1. Raine! Do you want to know my favorite quote? Well I dont really have one. But what is your favorite quote? Remind me to get back to you and I'll tell you mine :)
    <3 Leslie

  2. this blog is lacking in blogs this year raine!