Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip trap! Trip trap!

When I was younger [please be sure to insert your own joke here], my father told nursery rhymes. Well, i think they were always slightly off; the stories were darker and generally bad things happened. Note this is a far cry from sending me out in after dark to get the mail--but, he says as I'm leaving, "be careful of the boogie man." Scary stuff.  Regardless, I remember best Three Billy Goats Gruff (this link from the Baldwin Project is excellent).

Well, as a result, all these years later I love trolls. All of them. They are mean and nasty

This movie trailer is called Troll Hunter, and looks...different anyway. The link is here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today. Tuesday, to be slightly more precise, we concluded two days of classes. Technically it's one day for each day (one A-day and one B-day). Our opening day challenge was pretty simple. The classes were divided into small groups and challenged to support the golf ball off the lab benches as high as possible. No tape, scissors, staples, or the like. Just paper and a little white golf ball.

How high did they manage to get the golf ball? Well, the low was a scant 5 cm (and that's not from a lack of effort). The high? 115 cm.

Brilliant job everyone. Hope you had fun.

The oldest golf ball you ask? Well there is reference to a wooden ball in 1550. But this image is from a feather ball from 1618.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My First Day Of School

I really don't remember my first day(s) of school. Perhaps it was because I was nervous, or rushed, or paralyzed with fear, or because I skipped them. Hmmmm.

Regardless, welcome.

This blog is meant to provide all of you access to me and the material on your time frame.I will post assignments here and extra handouts. I will post aids, hints, and reference material--things I hope you'll find interesting. At times too, I will post quizzes and tests before the actual quiz or test.

You can--and I encourage it--comment [sometimes it'll be part of the actual assignment] on my posts.

I hope you have a great year. Good luck.