Monday, May 10, 2010

Cool Stuff

Submitted by JC:
Red-tailed hawks are birds of prey and North America's most common hawks. The first of these hawks were studied in Jamaica. They are keen-eyed and efficient hunters. They prefer open areas such as fields or deserts. Red-tailed hawks are very adaptable and can live anywhere from high mountains to tropical rainforests.

Submitted by SK:

The ocean floor earns its right as one of the most magnificent places on this planet. There is an abundance of fascinating life that swims around down there. Every little sea creature is unique and it is a wonder that; even still, we haven't found every type of species that is to be discovered. This picture very well depicts the majesty of the underwater. If you haven't seen this picture before, I hope you like it.

Submitted by BG:
Llamas are scientifically known as Lama glama. They are a domesticated species, and get along well with humans.  Llamas do not spit at humans unless they are over-socialized during the first two years of their life.  Llamas are adapted to high altitudes with thick fur and strong lungs.  The average llama can carry 25-35% of their body weight and usually weigh between 300 and 450 pounds.  Llamas also make good watch-animals for herds of goats and sheep due to their ability to easily bond with them.

And submitted by TC:  
This picture was taken above a volcano in had just erupted, and spewed ash and lava up high in the sky.  The ash clouds build up static electricity, then release it in the form of lightning, as seen here.  The volcano just kept going, and so did the electrical storm, and the ash clouds along the ground.
Thanks for the submitted paragraphs and pictures. All will receive extra credit. Well done. 



  1. The llama is the best:) (just cause llamas always beat everything:)

  2. Woo! Finally someone agrees with me! Usually when I start obsessing about llamas, people say they hate them just to spite me.