Monday, April 19, 2010


 Bless you.

A subglacial eruption on Iceland. 

How do you pronounce the glacier's name? Try this.

Be sure to click on the images here for the full effect.

So, I don't actually teach Geology or Earth Systems or even Volcanology (no, that is not a veiled Star Trek reference--though it could be, but probably, mostly, definitely not) [that, by the way, would be Vulcanology].

Here is another image from the eruption that looked pretty cool.

The entire set of images is here if you like that sort of thing (and really, who doesn't?). Be sure to check them out.

Also check out this new set of images from the Boston Globe.

This satellite image of the ash plume is pretty cool too.

Then I ran across this (I'm a huge Top Gear fan). Well, I'm not really huge...I'm a big fan. NO. I'm not implying that I'm big either. I love watching Top Gear. There. That sounds better. Anyway, back to the blog...try this short slide's images were taken HOURS before the big eruption. The joke is that somehow the three somehow caused the eruption by their sheer evilness. Some say that he can start an eruption by just staring down a volcano. ;)

Why is this a big deal? Because, it's Nature. And we self-centered, egotistical humans can only sit and watch as it happens. Unable to do anything other than spectate from the airport we're stuck in, or from the computer monitor to record it's images. Stuck. The images are frightening beautiful (an oxymoron? maybe, but I think not in this case). The plumes of ash and the resulting sunsets are truly spectacular. the images of rivers tearing through roads and flooding homes is frightening. See, they aren't mutually exclusive. For those interested there are also lots of side stories to be found about the volcano and it's effect on the little blue marble we call home. Carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur dioxide particulates, resultant temperatures, jet engine interference are all a small part of the the larger volcano picture.


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