Friday, March 5, 2010

Will The Real Fluffy Please Stand

A couple of websites first. Mr. Harris brought over a link to a pretty cool website that allows you to enter your weight and it immediately gives your weight on other places in the universe (namely, our bevy of solar system celestial bodies, but the neutron star one makes me chuckle). The link is here. This one at the same site allows you to enter your birth date for a free pie. Okay, so there isn't a pie. But it does show your birthday information on other planets. It's definitely worth a quick click. That link is here.

The animated spider below still remains creepy. The real thing--the real Fluffy--is, however, creepy enough to most. She [yes, it's a girl, and NO, I still haven't asked] is kind of acting a little off lately. I have no idea why though. Mark is hoping that she dies so he can get a breeding pair to have a bunch of little baby Fluffys. That is mean Mark. She just seems depressed. Perhaps it's news of the the Killer Whale deal at Sea World. Animals in cages kind of gets me--but we'll save that for another time.

Maybe she doesn't like her home anymore. Maybe she is lonely and depressed. Maybe she yearns (do spiders yearn) for the great outdoors.

Maybe not.

Mark fed her today so maybe hunting and killing little crickets will perk her up. Regardless, I suppose, here is the latest picture. If you're wondering why the picture is so clear and void of any window reflections [you were wondering, right?] it's because I took the picture from inside the cage. No, I didn't get in there (the cage is a weee bit small for me), but I did reach the iPhone in to take the shot.

Oh, and after seeing my son in a play last night (Much Ado About Nothing at Springville High School)(great job, by the way, to the entire cast--but especially Nate), it reminded me that I think Fluffy is almost One Year old.

So, maybe she is depressed about the impending birthday.

Be sure to click on the picture for the full screen version. 


  1. Mark wants Fluffy dead?! How horrible! Shame on you Timmy! SHAME!!! But I do agree, a breeding pair and a bunch of baby Fluffies would be awesome! Happy birthday Fluffy!

  2. Which side is the head? I can't see a difference through all the hair things.

  3. Her head is to the right in the picture. Her large abdomen is to the left.

  4. Spiders running around the school....haha good idea!