Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points--and that's something--because, really, I don't like them much. Personally, I'm a fan of the semicolon. ;)

This blog entry isn't subtle, doesn't obfuscate, inveigle, or deceive. I think it's pretty straight forward.

If you're in one of my classes you may earn a few extra credit points (up to 20) by doing the following: post (or turn in a typed copy) of something sciencie that you're interested in. It doesn't have to be long. One paragraph minimum. Pictures or images help towards the maximum 20 points. This special internet offer expires Wednesday, March 24th at midnight.

Have fun.


  1. If I submitted something old that I still have from perhaps a few years back with a few changes would the extra credit still apply? I have a few papers from Biology last year I still have that I can edit a bit for this. Only if that's okay with you though. :P

  2. Well, really, how would I know unless you had told me? However, all things being equal and interesting...it sounds like like it's way too much. Keep it simple. Keep it post-able.

  3. The science(or at least using the scientific method) for recording. Something interesting I learned the other day with music and acoustics. I have been recording in my basement and it has been rather interesting. For different instruments and sounds I have been messing alot with the rooms. First, for the guitar tracks we did them all in a dead room and space. This means we go blankets pillows extra to fill in all the corners and windows. This gave a really good clean but it didn't sound right. So I did some research. I found some cool things out. The reverb of a room or space gives the listener a fell that the place is actually real, because no real space, even outside, is reverb free. The slight delay in sound gives your brain a subcontious feeling for the room, and it makes you feel more comfortable when you listen to it. Secondly, we are recording in mono, because I only had enough money for one expensive mic. This also causes problems, because we all hear in stero(two ears). So the guitar recordings sounded 'flat' for some reason. This goes back to the direction of sound, it doesn't hit both of our ears at the exact same time! And it will sound more comfortable if you have that realistic delay in the sound. Some professional studios will set up 2 microphones right next to eachother at 45 degrees from eachother to simulate the human ears. COOL STUFF, at least I thought. PS Thanks for the science boards, we used them in a drum recording and it sounds so much better with more angles in the room. =) Tyler Grundstrom 3rd

  4. Sweet!! Just because you said that I think I'm gonna add more exclamation points!!! ahahaha!! hope this doesn't affect my extra credit opportunity!! Now that I got that out of my! system.... oh nooo WAIT


    I went a little crazy there but who cares crazy is good. Unless your hobo hunting then things get scary.

    Anyway, this article I found talks about the fastest moving binary star pair named HM Cancri that was recently spotted in our solar system. The stars orbit one another so fast that they can orbit our sun in 5 min flat. That's 310 miles per SECOND! It takes our Earth a whole year alone to do that. The fascinating part is its perfect speed. By this I mean that the stars move so fast, that any faster would make the orbit impossible. They would start to pull towards one another and exert helium that would eventually create a supernova.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to earn some extra points before the quarter ends. Chemistry is one of the few classes I look forward to every other day. Other teachers seem to drag on but you make each day fun and exciting. These blogs are hilarious I'm gonna start posting from now one. Of course mine will be the one with all the exclamation points all over it.

    !!!!Anna!!!! 3rd Per.

  5. The most scientific thing im interested in right now is... the things were you go haha what sort of evil vould i do with this? Honestly chemistry in general is pretty amazing. I mean with the best teacher in the school teaching it of course! Other teachers are so boring. I have a short patience with some teachers. Like for example when a teacher is like "Okay class today we are going to learn about blaa" and You come in screaming about a recent event in the world. Its pretty sweet. Im deciding on if i should take a science class next year.

  6. So I just read on Yahoo that the internet is now considered one of the greatest threats to wildlife ranging from lizards to coral. Apparently, the web has made it easier to buy baby lions, coral for jewelry, and wine made from tiger bones. The article said that internet electronic transactions have made it easier to buy endangered or protected wildlife. I'm not entirely sure exactly how sciencey this really is, but I thought it was extremely interesting. At first I thought that they were going to spout out some similar crap as the whole "video games make kids violent" thing(they don't! Parents who beat their children and/or people around their children with blunt objects causes violence in kids. duh.) but as I continued reading, it really struck me as....sad. Animals have every right to this planet, and just because we may or may not be superior does not give us the right to kill them. Listen to me rant. I'm done now. Thanks...

  7. So my sister told me about something she learned in her chemistry class at Jordan about this guy trying to break the speed of sound and beat a record that has stood for over 50 years. This guy plans on parachuting over 125,000 feet well into the stratosphere. He has to wear a pressure suit and helmet. The bad thing is he could be unable to regain consciousness after having that much momentum in one spin. So he might die trying to break the sound barrier. I don't know if breaking a world record is better than staying alive.

    Once again, thanks for the extra credit. Third quarter has been very hard and stressful, so opportunities like this are very nice.

  8. A long list of all the elements. Sung to the tune of 'Modern Major General' from Pirates of Penzance.

    - Trevin Conder
    - Period 3