Friday, March 12, 2010

C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate

I read the coolest article yesterday that started with a discussion of the latest earthquakes. How, because part of the ocean plate is sub-ducted (goes under), the earth is getting a little smaller around. As a result, the earth sped up a little [like a figure skater that brings her arms closer as she spins and the spin gets faster].

With each subduction zone earthquake the earth speeds up a little and makes the day a little shorter, albeit we're talking millionths of a second here.

But the article (here) then points out that the shorter days (as a result of the earthquakes) are canceled out by the moon getting a little further away each year (about an inch and a half--incase you were wondering). And that in turn causes our days to get a little longer. Eventually then, our days will be longer and the moon would be locked into one single place in our orbit. It would be in the very same place all the time.

The problem? Well, it's like 50 billion years from now. And it's not nearly as cool as the two moons on Tatooine. And our sun will engulf us all by then anyway. But beyond all that--pretty cool science stuff. Please be sure to read the whole article and click on the picture for a really cool desktop image.

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  1. Oh yeah about the earthquakes did you hear that chile is blaming the united states for there earth quakes. if i were obama i would except that and tell them to give us what we wanted or we would give them more earthquakes all of that being false.