Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, so...two homework assignments. The first one you need to start with is a homemade barometer. 

Homemade barometers manifest themselves in all shapes and sizes. There are at least two main types. I did find a simple one on's clear and concise.

At the Homely Scientist, a link to another type of barometer.

You will need to take a picture of your barometer and record 14 days worth of data.

The second, and more immediate assignment, is the graph of your Boyle's Law activity. The graph needs to be digitally generated. Excel or the like should suffice nicely. When you make your graph, please be sure it has a title and the axis are correctly labeled. Include units and ensure the data points are labeled correctly too. The only acceptable graph is a line graph for this data--bar graphs aren't made for this sort of thing. You'll also need to turn in your data stapled to it.

Good luck. And, as always, ask if you need help.

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