Monday, January 25, 2010

nate the great!

You guys Requested ME? you need some help
but i'll help you with the test...
it's an easy one if i do say so myself.

1. your going to need to know nuclear reactions. Alpha/Beta Particles.  Half life. that sort of thing.. there's a few problems a-f?

2. most of this test is comprehension and not math.
            therefore, know what rayleigh scattering is and explain it
            J oppeinhiemer thingy midude. know how he relates to prometheus? something he talked about?
3. Wavelength stuff is kind of diagramming and labeling it...
4. you should know when to get fission chips. with fusion flavoring.    see what i did there?

that's pretty much it... except a surprise he has for you,  P=E~R   ....CEN,-=1-2-032-35=8T. A982374B239874U3284N32084D32084CE. He gives the masses of two isotopes and the final average weight, and then he asks for percent of of them. So, I think you need to make one equal to x and the other 1-x.Technically i wasn't supposed to tell you. So.... you didn't hear it for me.

And Extra Credit. I'm so awesome, your welcome, etc etc....
for this one hmm... I like wallace and gromit. So... if you've actually read this LOOK AT THE FEATHERS MCGRAW PHOTO!!!!!!! Extra Credit: Feathers McGraw is a Penguin, What does he disguise himself as?
if you really really don't know google feathers mcgraw.

just place it at the very bottom of the test 5 if you just right the name 10 if you can tell how he planned to steal the blue diamond.

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