Monday, January 11, 2010

All Things Cool

I do not, as a rule and matter of personal choice, comment on my family. My private life is--for the most part--just that, private. The things we do are dearly personal and, as a result, won't find their way onto this blog.

So, why state the obvious? Well, there is an addendum to the above rule. It's a side note, or the small print, if you will. You see, I can't help it from time to time. And this small exception isn't grand, or monumental by any measure. In fact, it could be argued that precedence has already been set.

My applause is to my son today. Last week I asked him to make a new header graphic for this blog. The criteria for the assignment was vague (on purpose). The result is what you see today. Mr Einstein.

Great job Nate. It looks fabulous. Thanks for spending the time to do it well.

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