Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Good morning--or afternoon--or evening [pick one that applies, or that you like].

Almost everyone reading my blog (all four of you) lives here in Utah. If you're not living here...really, maybe you should be. Why? Well, let me tell you. Once upon a time I lived in California. Really. I was the consummate California kid. I was the lifeguard, blond hair, and I drove a convertible. Red, of course. I'll save it for another time perhaps, but the lesson was learned, red convertibles are cop magnets. I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with my driving.


Well, my wife and I moved to Utah in the early 90's. And it was/is completely different. Specifically though, the weather was crazy different. I only recall it snowing twice while I lived in Sacramento. The first time was when I was in second grade, and then again--I think--when I was a freshman. If you wanted snow, in other words, you had to travel to see it. Tahoe, or the like was the best option. The whole family would pile into the station wagon (really) [it was really large and green--a Chrysler with wood paneling, and a huge 440 c.i. under the hood] (you'll have to remind me later to tell you about taking a ride with the pets in it--funny stuff). That's not the case here. The snow I mean. Well, the station wagon too. It's been snowing a bit here in Utah lately. From the last storm the mountains here got several feet of fresh snow. The valleys got plenty and we had to shovel our way out.

It's not a bad gig though--the snow I mean. There is something wonderful about the quietness and serenity of the snow. Yes, I love the whiteness of it too. The way it blankets our ground is truly beautiful, but it's the weatherness of it that I love. Clouds, water, temperature, falling snow, and that sound it makes as you step into that fresh blanket of snow. Small flakes, large ones too (I had always heard that eskimos had like 20 words for snow--each one for a different type; I heard too that was a myth) all make me smile. There, is just something great about the snow and the weather it brings with it. I don't ski or snowboard--my kids do though.

But, this California kid loves the seasons and the Greatest Snow On Earth.

So...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


  1. I just wish the weather would make up it's mind. Give me snow or give me heat, but not both.

  2. I agree completely. Worse for me is the whole cold without weather to match. Or wind. Yeah, anything with lots of wind bites.