Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stoichiometry Quiz

This is the quiz question.... Your welcome.

A 34.5 gram piece of metallic iron is dissolved in concentrated HCl--the two react.
The reaction formed H2 and FeCl2
Fe + HCl > FeCl2 + H

How many grams of the product iron (II) chloride are formed?

So, to do this problem you will need to:
  1. balance the chemical equation. 
  2. convert what you know (the mass of the iron) to moles (look on the periodic table)
  3. convert to the moles of what you want
  4. convert to mass of what you want (again, a periodic table thing)

well that's all the help i'm going to give you... nRaine...  make sure you now how to do stoichiometry... it will save your butt so many times in the future.     see ya later.

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