Thursday, November 19, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a difficult exam, and the mad scientist had mercy on his minions and he allowed his prodigee to help his evil minions save their souls from eternal mental instability.

Hey this is your crazy teacher's son, here to give you a few helpful hints

I'm only going to say this once. Good Freakin luck. Study all of your conversions, notes, and most of all have the psychiatric hospital on speed dial. Just read the whole test... word of advice, don't freak out. the answer is NOT 42. If any of you look at this you have brains connected to your body. You are very smart. Hint: the last one is a doozy. SO... make sure you know how to convert miles, yards, CENTIMETERS (HINT HINT WINK WINK) to cubic yards. another very important hint... GALLONS TO MOLES!!!! Good luck.

nRaine and cCutler out

P.S. And i just got confirmation from the evil warlock himself that if you write nRaine and cCutler on the last page you get five extra credit points. Yeah we're great. we know. Don't go blabbing. or no more helpy helpy for evil minions. I would like to help you. I really would, but if it gets out too much... i can't anymore

P.P.S. That Raine world header was created by me.
all usage of said header is restricted and prohibited by Raine inc.  

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  1. well im blaming me not reading this THE DAY BEFORE THE QUIZ on the freaking play! this would have helped so dang much!!!

    p.s. I think your sons new header is cute!

    Randi Hansen.
    Period 4.
    number 11 i believe? haha