Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dimensional Analysis

I promised my chemistry classes a small (in my best Russian accent)-short-quick-tiny peek at the test. How? Well, by giving away two questions on the test. Most the the questions are multi-part; in other words, you need to do one to see the next. In addition, several of the problems are wordy and give away too much information for me to pull a question from the mix. I looked through it and came up with these two problems.

Convert 8.00 x 1019 molecules HCN to grams

Convert 385.29 km to inches

 Then, in a moment of  grace-goodwill-kindness (or sheer stupidity) I am pulling a larger question from the exam. It follows.

A five (5.00) gallon bucket full of a highly toxic liquid metal (mercury) weighs in at 0.28376 tons.  How many pounds is this? What is the density of mercury in grams per cubic centimeter?

Good luck everyone...and if you happen to look here on my blog (like I suggested), then good fortune and about 18 points are yours.

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