Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I like words. Anyone who remotely knows me would probably be able to relate that I tend, on occasion, to use a few more syllables that others. I just like the verbiage. I mean why use a small word when a more dimunitive one would suffice? Their origin and usage are of particular interest to me. The phrase "between the devil and the deep blue sea," for instance (I love this line from a 1987 Jon Astley song off the album Everyone Loves the Pilot (Except the Crew)) [the song is pretty cool and classic late 80's stuff and the album actually features an Eric Clapton guitar riff or two, and the song is one of my all-time favorite's--do you know the song to which I am referring?], is an old sailing term. The keel of the ship is called the devil, and it had to be regularly cleaned of barnacles and the like. It doesn't sound like a very fun job mainly because it was generally done while the ship was moving. So, a sailor would be suspended down in front of the moving ship with ropes and then scrub the devil; so, that sailor was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Okay, not all words interest me. I'm not sure what makes one word more interesting than other to me; I haven't figured that out yet. All that being said, I have two words for you to consider.

Giggle. I know, it's used as a short, bubbly, high-pitched laugh. I propose its use also as meaning a group of girls. Like a crash of rhinoceroses (rhinoceri sounds cooler), or a murder of crows, or a pod of whales...a giggle of girls.

And a standalone word I created 25 years ago: Vexopyte. It's a long story actually. The end result though is a brand new word. I even created a definition: the film on the inside of automobile glass generally caused by the deterioration of the vehicle's interior; it is often difficult to remove thoroughly.

So, everyone, please use them often and well. Perhaps they'll both soon be quotidian. :)

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