Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, fluffy, and xkcd

Good evening everyone. I am typing this as I sit quietly at home. Hannah is flipping through channels--watching Ghost Rider AND Mrs. Winterborne. I find it hard to complain. How many times do you flip through channels and watch several shows at the same time? Oh, I know this is one of those "when I was a kid" stories, but I remember the television dials, and turning your wrist enough that you could flip through all of the channels in one motion. Sydney is doing 6th grade math--something about oats, corn, 1940, and 2000.

Coming soon to this extra credit assignment just for you. Don't miss it.

I cleaned Fluffy's cage today. It was during the end of 8th period. An empty cage looks like this

With an empty cage Fluffy had a temporary home. Well, it was a glass beaker. And for a time it was a little frightening. I mean she is large and some students do get a weee bit nervous. She gladly crawled into the beaker and stayed there. After cleaning the cage I had to put the entire beaker in the aquarium because she couldn't be dislodged from it. I'll add a picture of the her new digs tomorrow, but for the moment I'll leave you a picture of her up-close and personal. This is fluffy taking a portrait. She clung to the glass on the inside of the beaker for over an hour. I think she was scared. Kind of. I mean, really, how scared could a tarantula be? Clinging to the glass was kind of cool. She was really lodged in there. And it seems a great and far more safe superpower than teleporting itself so it can lay eggs in ears.

An update!!! Her new home all clean and sparkly...and she is drinking! No, not a margarita or anything like that (I think she is is underage, though I haven't asked for ID).

Dating for Biologists cartoon made me laugh at xkcd. See it & more at here


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