Friday, October 30, 2009


So, I downloaded an app--because there is always an app for that. Yhe resultbis that I can post from my iPhone.

Right before I left work I fed Fluffy. Well, she ate, and I watched. All I can say is it was crazy cool. She stalked a cricket, and then attacked! She held it in her mouth and spun in clock-wise circles--spinning a thin web in the ground around her. She carried the cricket around. Kind of like a dog carrying a bone.


Well, to accompany the riveting play-by-play, I am attaching a few photos of the carnage. I only regret not taking video. Maybe next time.

Note the cricket in her mouth.

She is spinning at this point. I'm not sure if she was chanting at this point, but is was disconcerting at the least.

This picture shows her eyes really well. She is still carrying the cricket.

And this is my favorite tarantula portrait. I think she knew i was taking the picture. Is that a smile?

Happy Halloween everyone.

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  1. EWW! Alright! I have to say that this one is the best post that I have seen you do!!! I love fluffy!!! :) LOL. I'm weird! Poor Cricket though! I really want to see her eat one!!