Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, it's hump day. The week is half over--at least in theory anyway. This week in classes include a major quiz in Biology and more nomenclature for Chemistry students. Biology students will be seeing the world through microscopes starting today too.

Sciencie related is the space shuttle and the International Space Station. They are visible across most of the western United States for the next several nights. Email and ask for times, or look on and navigate through their pages. Tonight, for instance it will be visible at 9:11 on the western horizon. It says it will be overhead at 9:14 and we'll lose sight a couple of minutes later. Taking the few minutes to watch it pass over is really worth your time. It is falling at almost 18,000 miles an hour and is brighter than really any star out right now. In fact, I understand it's possible to see during the day...well, not in direct high-in-the-sky sunlight. Still--completely cool. I think my afternoon class will go out and try to see it during class. You shouldn't miss it...

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  1. I'm definitely going out to take a look! Thanks for the heads up. I'm so NOT a sciencie (is that the correct spelling?) person. This will be cool!