Thursday, September 10, 2009


Good morning everyone.

I'm not sure about the 3 people that actually look at this blog...but I am exhausted (yeah, it's only a four-day work week), but seriously.

Okay, if you like sciencie (pretend to put a little flower over the i--it makes it cuter I'm told) stuff [and, really, who doesn't], and you are a nerd of sorts, AND you have a sense of humor you might like to investigate the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It started as a rebuttal to...well, maybe you should just find out yourself. Ramen.

On other more important issues our Biology quiz is today and tomorrow. The details are on the side bar to the right. Graph. Hair color. Data table. Not hard at all. After we'll go over scientific method again, and then follow up with some metric stuff ( I have a new assignment we'll try) and then on to cells.

Chemistry classes, on the other hand, are going to kill me. Fun stuff the next few days. We have a density lab today. Volume and mass of objects. It's not that hard really. We'll also try to spot the space station in broad daylight--wish us luck. Chemistry is also continuing with nomenclature assignments on their way to double displacement reactions. I'll be posting those assignments for downloading shortly.

And finally, this awesome post from about the sewing machine. Really, it's worth the time to read.

Update: we looked for the ISS and we did not see it. dang it. 


  1. How did I know the spaghetti monster would find itself on here?