Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Two

Okay, so this is day two of my new website. Far too many things to do to spend a lot of time on this today. Trying to stay ahead of the grueling pace I've set for the students is going to take a toll on me...

I have, however, been completely intrigued and consumed with the possibilities and thoughts of how to use this for the class. And because I'm new to the process I'm probably behind the times. Hmmmm. So, if you have ideas for making the site better please let me know. If I'm able I'm happy to accommodate. Nathan, in fact, made a comment on yesterday's post...just before he flipped having realized that the 7 fishies are of a certain color scheme.

And again, to all those just visiting Raine World for the first time...please come again.


  1. Hey Raine, this is one of the three Jessie's from your 4th period class. Since you're "getting wtih the times" I figured I might suggest something that's been quite useful to a lot of my teachers in the past. It's something called wikispaces perhaps you have heard about it. It's somewhat like a blog, but it's easier to organize with many classes and such.

    I have one I've used to create websites as an assignment for other classes. You can post videos and external links and whatnot.
    is one of the wikispaces I made for an assignment, you can even add an online quiz for students to take which you can find on the link if you click "Review Thingy"
    My biology teachers wikispace is a good example of what you might be able to do with your class, I found it extremely helpful since it was very organized, and easily accessable especially with all the assignments online.

    Just a suggestion though, excited to see what you have to say on your blog!

    -Jessie Lam
    (4th Period ;])

  2. Jessie (one of the three!), you bring up a great point. I actually was going to start a wikispace...and I did...I registered. It seems easy enough. This, however, seemed to entertain me slightly more. Now that you've cursed the blog I'm sure this will die in a huge ball of flames and I'll be forced to go to wikispaces and start up there. Maybe then I will go have a backup plan.

    Thanks for the input and suggestions.