Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay, this might better be posted as a Friday update, but the topic itself warrants a posting by itself. I come to work fairly early. I get here at 7. I know, you're saying, that's not early, but after an hour drive and getting ready, I feel like the day has been going for a while, and so relatively, it feels early. After all, I get to watch the stars and stuff that early in the dark morning skies.

Well, today's arrival came with the news that apparently, Fluffy was found in the halls.


She is in an aquarium. With the lid firmly closed. So, her escape and escapade is either one of two things: another superpower (by that, I mean the new ability to teleport out of the cage), or someone let her out. I'm really hoping no one let her out. I mean, she could get hurt running around the halls and such. Big shoes could hurt her too. Small ones too, I would imagine. And although I'm hoping for the teleportation angle, I'm thinking that option seems shady at best. Was the teloportation trick in an effort to get my attention? Was she teleporting to the hallways as a sort of aiming sortie--sort of getting bearings?? Hmmmm. I will keep you posted as news and details of this amazing new superpower become clear.

Update 1: Apparently, Fluffy was found in the A-hall outside a teacher's classroom.


  1. So just came to feed the fishies!! I hope that fluffy is okay!! :)

  2. Awwww...

    Thanks for feeding the fishies.

    And fluffy is fine. Thanks for caring.