Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, classes are well underway as they are almost everywhere. Each period has its own ebb and flow--its own personality--and its own nuances. Some of them are better than others as a whole, while some aren't. I know every teacher has similar observations, so I know I'm not revealing anything new and cool. I am, however, still fascinated by it. After all, the kids are equally smart, funny, and interesting. It's in the mix then--the right combination of students that make teachers love or hate a period. Yes, there is a middle ground...some classes you love AND hate. Alright, not really...there are some classes that seem to go slowly into the night. Maybe those are functions of of the time of day and such.

Back to classes. Biology classes are just starting the cell--the basic unit of life, not the prison type. We'll be in that unit for a few more weeks. Between Cell Theory, cool scientists, organelles, function, active transport, osmosis, and mitosis (among the longer list) we'll be busy for a while.

Chemistry students are neck deep in chemical reactions. We'll be having a test in the next couple of weeks. So, good luck with that. 

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