Monday, September 28, 2009

Biology & The Cell

We are studying the cell. The details are completely interesting. Yeah, I're thinking...not so much. As a student though, it is new. It is new information and new stuff. It is filled with new vocabulary. Scientists with new names and new ideas. Each and every class period is filled with something new. How does that feel? Really.

Biology students--for extra credit (valid and due on Tuesday (NO LATER))--write one page on a scientist that has contributed to our further knowledge of Biology.  If you plagiarize or cut and paste I won't accept it and you risk actually losing points. You will have to include, too, your sources and properly cite your sources on a separate piece of paper.
Page One--Cover page; include Name, date, and class period. A title here is also necessary.
Page Two--The body. Double spaced, 12 point font. No more, no less. Cite your work.
Page Three--References. MLA format. Two sources are the minimum.
All stapled neatly (in the top left corner) together. Some strange people have a love/hate relationship with staplers--so I must clarify. 

As a teacher staying up to date and keeping things fresh and interesting is a challenge. This thing called teaching isn't easy. I have always said that being interesting and doing a great job teaching is extremely difficult.

And kudos to all those teachers who make an effort. It is often tireless and thankless, and the dedication is noted and appreciated.


  1. So with this assignment does it have to be typed??? Or hand written. OR! I can I email it to you??

    Maranda Stuart 6th

  2. Yes Maranda, there is a Santa Claus. And yes, it need to be typed. 12 point font using something akin to Times New Roman (I seriously hate that font) or better yet Californian or Linotype. You could use Helvetica or Calibri.

  3. No, you can't email it to me. Nice idea. I suppose if you make it a pdf and then email to me I would take that. I think there are websites out there that do that for free--turning your document into a pdf.